Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Actually, It Sounds Pretty Good

Via the Awesomer (and thanks again, Leslie, for turning me on to that site) comes a video misleadingly titled "The Worst Pizza Ever":

[YouTube direct link]

Wherein a couple guys take various & sundry fast foods, put them on a pizza & eat it.

Thing is, most of those foods are normal pizza toppings anyway: chicken, hamburger, tomatoes, bacon, onions - heck, even the buns are basically fluffy pizza crust.

The only items I'd question are the french fries. The lettuce, pickles, & sauce on the Big Mac probably didn't go well either.

But since they didn't top it with a fish sandwich, ice cream, or an apple pie, the end result was probably pretty good.

*I'd* try a slice, anyway.

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