Friday, October 8, 2010

Drop the Garbage

Even if it's scary, drop the garbage and the excuses.

Quit what doesn't make you happy. Cut the relationships that drag you down. Move to where nobody knows you if you have to. Find what you really like to do, find whatever is that brings energy and peace to your soul. There where your energy /passion wants to go. And do it. And keep doing it. And do it again, in an environment where you allow yourself to fail and the costs for being being so-so are sustainable. Allow yourself to get better. Gain skills. Connect and socialize everyone while you're at this. Then bring it up a notch. Then another notch. Then another notch. Collect your home runs. Exchange what you have for what you want from the outside world. And keep going up. Till you die.

Got it? It's simple.

It really is.

And there are a million strategies and angles and approaches for every step and we can talk the minutia and every little shadow for-ever. But this is it:

Drop the garbage and do what makes you happy.

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