Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally, A Rational Argument Against Irrational Beliefs

Nice one by XKCD:

I notice that the "because nobody's making a fortune on it" argument doesn't preclude the existence of God, though.

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  1. Not only do none of those examples preclude the existence of God but there is some evidence that prayer works. Putting someone on the prayer list at a church actually helps that person. Okay, so it may not be the Hand Of God pointing down from a cloud but in concentrating the minds of those members, that person might, for instance, get a visit in the hospital or a hot meal brought to the house.

    Meanwhile, the rules of, say, Christianity, or the Jewish faith make people live better, even when we don't follow those rules perfectly. And what if I'm wrong and there is no God? I have still lived better, raised my children better and been a better citizen and neighbor. No downside. What of the person who swears there is no God? What of those who constantly denigrate the believers? What if THEY are wrong? Suppose there really is an eternity of torment for them? Oops. Bad move.

    I have told you of my path to faith. It was pretty crooked. That faith, though, brought me from the dregs of alcoholism. I may be living a life of genteel poverty now but I was about an inch from losing my job, my pension and my family. Even if I'm wrong I got a pretty good deal. Hey! Wanna see the latest pictures of my grandchildren?