Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Irrationally Self-Confident Stream-of-Consciousness Self-Talk Script

TRUST in yourself - it's the key to success

All greatness comes down to self-trust, aka "confidence".

What Makes A Great Swimmer - And A Great Man

The difference between a swimmer and a non-swimmer is not much. The swimmer has learned how to trust; the non-swimmer has not yet learned how to trust.

When the non-swimmer falls into the river, doubt arises. He starts feeling afraid- the river is going to drown him. And of course then the river drowns him. But he is drowning himself in his own doubt. The river is not doing anything. The swimmer knows the river, the ways of the river, and he has been with the river many times and he trusts; he simply floats, he is not afraid.

Likewise, having complete trust allows you to be composed and relaxed.

Trust allows you to be in a calm, peaceful, centered, confident, happy and positive state. Immune from rejection, fear, and negative emotions. That's confidence.

Belief #1. I trust "Whatever I say has value"

I trust that "whatever I say has value".

Whatever I say has value because it comes from ME. The things I have to say are important and relevant because they are a part of my life.

If I like talking about my pet dog, people will listen because it's coming from me. If I like talking about cars, people will listen because it's coming from me. If I like talking about movies, or cooking, or programming, or whatever my hopes or aspirations are, people will listen because it's coming from me.

If I talk nonsense and just switch up sentences, people will listen because it's coming from me. Whatever I say has value.

Whatever I say is always the most important thing that will ever be said.

Belief #2. I trust that "I cannot make mistakes"

I trust that "I cannot make mistakes".

I cannot make mistakes because mistakes are made if I'm "doing".

But when I'm BEING, I cannot make a mistake because everything I do is just me being ME. I'm just showing the world who I am. Whatever you say will be listened to because it's coming from you.

It's those little imperfections that makes what you say REAL.

So no matter what I say, I cannot make mistakes because whatever I say IS interesting. I just trust that everything I say is the right thing to say. I just need to trust that everything that I was saying was right.

And I say goodbye to any notions of perfection and start relishing that whatever I say is "Real and Messy"

Belief #3. I trust that "I am enough"

I trust that "I am enough".

All I need is to be positive, smile, and stand up straight and tall.

All I need is to speak with certainty and enthusiasm.

And all I need is to take action and TRUST in my actions.

That's all I need to be confident. I am enough as I am, I don't need to self-improve, I don't need to add to myself, I don't need money or a great body or be a great conversationalist, I don't need the right thing to say, or any of those things.

Just be positive, speak with certainty, and take action with TRUST in my actions. That's it.

I trust that everything I do is RIGHT.

I trust that I don't need anything else. I don't need to worry about having a great state, or correcting my body language, or building myself up. I just trust that everything that I say is right.

There is nothing wrong with me. There is nothing to fix. I have complete self acceptance. I trust that others will like me just for me.

I understand that by being positive with a smile and confident posture, speaking with certainty, and trusting in taking action will be all I need.

Belief #4. I trust that I can "Let go and be dumb"

I will let go of outcomes.

I will let go of all thoughts.

I will lower my standards of what to say.

I will be dumb, and that's ok.

I will relinquish all control.

I will not try to impress anyone with fancy tricks.

I trust that whatever I say IS good enough.

I will simply TRUST in my actions, whatever I say, whatever I do.

I trust myself to let go.

I trust that I can be spontaneous and unscripted.

I trust myself to be dumb and still say the right thing, because whatever I say has value, I cannot make mistakes, that whatever I say IS ok, and that I am enough.

I trust that it's okay to lower the standards of what I say.

I trust to say the dumbest thing, I trust I can have the lamest conversation in the world, and it is still right. I trust I can get away with it because I'm a good man and whatever I say has value and I am enough.

I will trust to let my mind go in the moment to do the work for me and not worry about what others thinks, and not think about what I'm going to say.

I trust to relinquish control, to let go of the steering wheel and go into 100% spontaneity and become completely one with the present moment.

I will let go of trying to control others reactions or what they do. I will take action without permission, trust in my actions, and let others react to me as they will.

My letting go and being dumb and lowering my standards frees up my brain and energy and lets me just have FUN expressing myself.

Self Confidence Is Really "Self-Trust"

I trust that I will do everything decisively and just relax, because I know that everything that I do is the right thing to do.

Anxiety is just a sign that you don't trust in your actions.

What is confidence? Confidence, really is just having trust in your own actions, trust that whatever you do and say is the right thing.

Trust that you are enough and don't need to add more.

Trust that everything you say has value and everything you say IS good enough.

Trust to be dumb, trust to let go of fancy words, trust to say the dumbest thing and have the lamest conversations and get away with it, trust to lower your standards of what to say.

Trust that whatever you do is cool and sufficient, no matter how dumb it is. Trust that you cannot make mistakes. Trust to take action first and deal with the disaster later.

Combine that confidence with positivity: smile, have strong posture, speak with certainty - and right there you have all you need to talk comfortably with others.

Confidence - How Perception Becomes Reality

Self-trust is everything, because perception is reality.

What you perceive in your mind of how it's going, is what becomes the reality.

What you perceive becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you think in your mind, happens.

Trust In The Best Outcomes

It's always in your interest to think the very best about things, to assume the best, to trust in your actions, because what you assume profoundly affects the outcome.

Just assume the best in all cases. Assume that you're totally awesome, trust that your actions are always "right".

Just interpret ANY situation as reconfirming your most optimistic beliefs.

Assuming that you're awesome... MAKES you awesome.

It's weird and maybe counterintuitive, but it's true.

And you can do this with ANY and EVERY action that you take.

Every little action you take you can use to reconfirm your belief that you're the most awesome man on the planet, even if it's delusional. And it has a valid purpose behind it; when it comes to others, your beliefs matter, they become a self-fulfilling prophecy of success.

So develop self-trust, always assume the best, and go get what you want.

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