Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yes, Really

Honestly, I have no interest in owning a phone that does a single thing besides make phone calls, but if I ever gave into peer pressure and bought a portable time-suck, I'd buy a Microsoft phone just because of this commercial:

[YouTube direct link]

It's my favorite since this classic from Vault:

[YouTube direct link]


  1. I've got an old cell; can't even text on it, not that I'd ever want to...
    I know too many people like those in the ad. ;)

  2. I have a pair of old motorola v170's from tracfone, I've NEVER needed a billion rollover minutes It's a phone for petes sake, you call someone talk then hang up.
    Just basic communication all I ever needed or wanted.

  3. I dunno-- I find my Droid quite useful-- I don't really use it for texting, but I have instant access to my email, but more importantly, to google maps (gps) and Pandora (music app which lets me have the Ratpack as a "radio" station) and since I like to be on the road a lot, it comes in quite useful.

    I'm just curious, did you ever notice that Vault is in actuality repackaged Surge?

  4. I've decided to take the opposite route of my generation and not get a smart phone... or a cell phone at all.

    Hell, I feel too tethered down now that I carry a watch!

    I just remarked the other day that I probably will never get a smart phone because "I still like to do my own thinking."

    Of course, the guy I told that to didn't catch my remark; he was paying attention to his phone instead.

  5. Vault = Surge.

    Very well aware.

    I was a huge fan of Surge. One of the few high-caffeine sodas that both picked me up and tasted good warm. Got me through a lot of rough nights delivering pizza during my college years.

    Then they cancelled it, and I was sad.

    Tried Red Bull - tasted like Pez and made me sleepy.

    Then that beautiful day when Vault hit the streets.

    I was re-born.

    Although I mostly drink Diet Sundrop these days, because it has exactly as much caffeine and is generally cheaper where I shop.

  6. My wife made me take an old phone of hers and get it on one of those 99 cent a day, dollar a minute for only the days I actually talk on it. Seem she worries that I might have a tragic accident and be dead in a ditch someplace on the side of the road and no one tells her because she's in the hospital.

    I just said "yes dear" and did the deed, too polite to tell her that if I'm dead in a ditch I probably wouldn't call her and tell her all about it.

    Speaking of energy drinks, why not get a stainless steel thermos jug and fill it with nice, strong coffee? What's with these girly drinks?

  7. Peter - it's all about convenience. It's easier to buy a pre-canned beverage than to make one yourself.

    And I'll bet you still make all your coffee with an old percolator pot over an open campfire.

  8. Do not make my coffee in a percolator at home, Have made literally gallons of coffee over a campfire, and, back in the '60s, while everyone else was making love not war, made bunches in the old fashioned steel helmet, over a little chunk of composition C-4. The important thing doing that was to not get mixed up and use the steel pot that we'd washed our feet in the night before.