Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bravo to the Marketing Guys at ABC

First, I don't care about Bristol or Dancing With the Stars, but apparently some people are angry that she keeps winning, despite getting low scores from the judges, so they accuse her fan base of "cheating".
And by the strict measure of ABC's rules, unlimited voting may not be cheating. But that hasn't stopped some liberal Web sites from claiming that Palin's fans are fixing the competition.

The big problem for ABC is that its voting rules close phone call and text voting 30 minutes after "Dancing With The Stars" is over, but online voting carries on until 11:00 a.m. the next day.

Also, the combined online-phone-text vote total accounts for 50 percent of a contestant's score, with the judges' score making up the difference. So a huge amount of online votes could keep someone on the show.

Bristol Palin has survived on the show for the past seven weeks with the lowest judges' scores.

Ok, so ABC sets it up so that people can spend 12 hours on their site voting.

Then people get angry and talk non-stop about the show.

Some of those angry people will decide THEY need to spend 12 hours on the ABC site voting.

So the "oops! loophole!" in their voting process creates both media buzz and site traffic.

Yeah, how could ABC have been so stupid when they set up the rules?

Kudos, crafty marketing dudes.

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