Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elder Victory

I generally look at Twitter with the same outsider's contempt with which I look at Apple fanatics. It's typically the province of unwashed, twenty-something, hipster wanna-be's with ragged clothing, regrettable tattoos, and uncomfortable piercings. A haven for self-absorbed slackers with nothing to say and way too much time on their hands to say it.

Usually via an iPhone.

While driving.

So it was with great interest that I noted Mark Steyn introducing Fred Thompson before a speech he gave in Calgary on November 3rd [quote starts about 18:35]:

"...[Fred Thompson] currently has a daily radio show, and he's also become a demon Tweeter... Senator Thompson has mastered 140 character commentary to a degree the rest of us can only envy..."

Fred Thompson is 68 years old.

Basically Fred not only chased the kids off his lawn with a shotgun, he followed them to their favorite House-Techno pick-up-joint/night-spot, bought the place, and turned it into a Rat Pack tribute club.

Take THAT, Ashton Kutcher.

UPDATE: gives a recent sampling of Fred's Twitter feed.


  1. baw hahaha. I love this. Gives me hope for when I turn 60!

  2. Get off my lawn!

    Oh sorry... um... now following Fred. Makes me feel like a voyeur. heh.