Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Krauthammer - Swing and a Miss

Charles makes the painful error of believing that the world of normal human beings revolves around the chicanery occurring inside the Beltway:
if health care [reform] collapses, or if it becomes utterly unworkable, the Democrats will have a way of saying, well, it was all these injuries inflicted by the Republicans that made it not work.

I think the smarter approach it to simply expose to the American people what’s in the bill, all the arbitrariness, all the incredibly increased expenses, all the contradictions in it, also the inherent corruption in it, the favoritism, the waivers

Dude, nobody in the real world cares about contradictions or corruption. People have lives. People have bills to pay. All they care about is "did my premiums go up or down?".

So yeah, Republicans DO need to do something de-fundifying to mess up Obamacare. They need to mess up the parts that make things more expensive - like the pre-existing conditions coverage - and take credit for it every time they open up their yaps in front of a microphone.

And open up across markets across state lines. You know... like the the GOP's been promising for years and not doing?

Coulda done this anytime between 2002 & 2006. Thanks for waiting until it was too late, guys.


  1. I don't get why so many people hang on Krauthammer's words like he's some kind of Oracle of wisdom. I was lukewarm on him for a long time, but he really ticked me off a couple years ago when gas prices shot up.

    This is yet another example of him not getting it. The Tea Party movement, the stomping of dems in the election, and about 60% of the populace wants barrycare repealed... So Kraut wants to fund barrycare long enough to prove it sucks? We ALREADY KNOW it sucks and we want it gone yesterday, Charles!

  2. "Fuckwit"? Truly this is a day for interesting and exiting new words. A few hours ago I ran across "Dickfister". How does "Dickfisting Fuckwits" sound?

  3. Def a day late and a dollar (or a few trillion) short. Pathetic on their parts