Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Paris Hilton of Global Warming Skeptics

That would be British meteorologist Piers Corbyn:
Predicting in November that winter in Europe would be "exceptionally cold and snowy, like Hell frozen over at times," Corbyn suggested we should sooner prepare for another Ice Age than worry about global warming. Corbyn believed global warming "is complete nonsense, it's fiction, it comes from a cult ideology. There's no science in there, no facts to back [it] up."
I don't buy AGWT either, but this guy's just spewing hyperbole to get attention. A dimestore weather-psychic with a good agent.

And let's think about his prediction objectively for a minute. There's 120 days in the "winter season" months, December through March. Each of those days has a "record" high and low temperature (240 numbers), and weather records go back about 130 years.

In any given year, it would be shocking NOT to have one single "record-breaking" temperature.

If you want a REAL crazy prediction, try this one:

"The average weather this winter will be perfectly average, right down to the degree and inch of snow.

If I make it enough times, I'll eventually be right, and I'll be a weather genius who can get some face time on Fox News.

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