Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scruffy Hipsters With Bad Jobs - Like The Force, They Will Be With Us, Always

While thoroughly delighting in the magnificent visual effects in this video, somewhere in the back of my mind was a nagging voice, saying to the characters, "Dudes!... You're living in the FUTURE! How can you be so singularly unimpressed with your surroundings?".

Then I looked around my room, noticed how many objects there technically qualify under Arthur C. Clarke's definition of "magic", and punched my naggy voice square in the nose out of reflexive guilt.


  1. I predict that we're going to have weather this winter. It's going to be of nature, and nothing out of the ordinary will happen which hasn't already happened before.

  2. Andrew I think you put your comment in the wrong section.Heh.

    This vid is absolutely beautiful, but I think you missed the point, or maybe just part of its meaning, or maybe I have become a sponge of sadness.