Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Mediocrity

[YouTube direct link]

I know it's just a cheesy attempt at a viral marketing campaign by Subaru, but strangely enough, I want one.

Because for me, driving is - and has always been - simply about getting from one place to another without breaking down or having to listen to mechanical noises that portend doom in the process.

I'll bet this car could do that.

And let's be honest, because we're all friends here...

It's a lot better-looking than an Aztec.


  1. A. The Mediocrity would look pretty good with a gun rack.

    B. The Aztek looks like a miniature garbage truck. Pontiac didn't deserve to live through that debacle.

  2. I've owned two Subarus and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Love their all wheel drive; those things can go where other vehicles can't. They just do the job without any fuss. Nice vehicles.

  3. We drove a brand new Forrester. It drove well enough but everything in it rattled. It would have driven us to distraction if we had bought it.

    I am married to an engineer... he can't tolerate squeaks and rattles without trying to find out where they are and stop them. Usually that level of noise occurs after the first year or two. I vetoed that vehicle because it was new and even if it drove well - I could foresee much angst. I make a huge effort to avoid angst when possible. LOL.

    Oh - their hippie dippy commercials bug me too. ;-)

  4. The Mediocrity is exactly the kind of car I want: no bells, no whistles. It looks inexpensive, probably gets great mileage.

    I hope a demand springs up because of these ads and Subaru actually starts selling this car; I'll want to buy one used in a couple of years.

    I just hope they come out with one with manual transmission and manual windows.