Sunday, January 9, 2011

CBS: Still Fake But Accurate

Don't believe Katie Couric's lying eyes.

First, Drew Carey called and asked for his glasses back.

Second, these aren't Drew Carey's glasses, since Drew's lenses actually offer some degree of vision correction.

Yeah, Katie's glasses are fake. You can tell because there's no distortion of her eyes or face when you look through them:

Here's what real glasses do:

Sorry, Katie, but even if you spent 6 hours in the make-up department getting a Sheldon Cooper costume slapped on you, you'd still be impossible to take seriously on an intellectual level.

Please don't insult us by pretending that some faked-up BC's are gonna do the trick.


  1. Hey Katie's getting pretty old... could they be reading glasses mebbe???

  2. I'm sure she has age-related vision problems, but she doesn't typically wear glasses in front of the camera. Those are just a set of "I look smart" frames that she wears to... well... look smart.

    Probably plain glass lenses, and she probably wears contacts behind them.

    Even if I'm wrong about them being corrective, my point still stands - they're an optional affectation with her. Manipulative and choreographed style over substance.

  3. Hmm... funny. This just reminded me of junior high when a friend of mine who had PERFECT eye-sight WANTED to get glasses because all the smart kids had them...

    And... sadly, "manipulative and choreographed style over substance" is not just limited to journalists and presidents of the most powerful nations of the world.

  4. Actually, Drew Carey doesn't need his glasses any longer. He received Lasik a few years ago, the glasses he wears now are just frames with lenses that don't vision correct.

  5. Yeah, but Drew wears those frames because they make him look dorky and lovable - which he is.

    Couric's wearing them to look knowledgeable & trustworthy. Which she isn't