Sunday, January 16, 2011

For the Curious

[YouTube direct link]

The content of the video is not important. What matters is that this guy looks exactly like me.

I mean exactly.

Even down to parting his hair on the right.

So, some people are going to see this and swear that I used a little Grecian Formula and adopted a fake French accent.

Just wanted to state for the record that it's not actually me.

But we could TOTALLY get together and pull off an awesome "Prince & the Pauper" scam.


  1. We should get Peolsi some of those Herman Munster eyelid blinkers. She hasn't blinked since they invented Botox.

  2. In that case, you should make hilarious parody videos of this!

  3. You didn't do a sleepwalking vid did you? Hit your head and speak with a French accent for a day? Get together with FrankJ to make fun of people who like 3D or people with French accents?

    Just wondering because I'd swear it was you. Heh.