Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Thought It Was Too Soon To Politicize This, But Apparently Not

Democrat Congresswoman shot. Liberals blame Sarah Palin.


The guy was a nutjob who thought that the government was trying to control us through the use of grammar.

When has Sarah Palin ever cared about grammar?

Still, not the point.

Giffords "had this coming" to the same degree that every public figure "has it coming" - not at all.

Sadly, though, it's not completely unforeseeable. The attention, publicity, adulation and press coverage that comes with having a high-profile job comes with a price. That price is that crazy people see you, obsess over you, and may decide for no good reason (since they're, you know, crazy) that YOU are the cause of their problems and must be removed.

Is the attention worth the risk? I don't know, ask John Lennon.

That's why I try to keep a low profile. For me, fame ain't worth the hate mail, the death threats, and the well-armed lunatics with mommy issues.


  1. Oddly, liberals don't seem to be blaming the death of the Republican judge or the 9 year old girl on Sarah Palin.

    Odd, considering how famously Sarah hates Republicans and children.

  2. I blame Jodie Foster.