Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Once I'd Like to See Her Wear Something That Isn't Tacky

Another fashion victory from Michelle:

Sure, it's loud and ugly and graceless, but the important thing is that it goes perfectly with the red on China's flag.

Bra-vo, First Lady.


  1. But atleast it's not belted. Thank GOD!!!

  2. Funny I was thinking almost the same thing about the colour and the carpet, and flag. I don't know if I would so much call the dress "tacky" as "unflattering". No wait... it is the White House? I guess "tacky" would be appropriate. I sort of feel sorry for her though. Elegance isn't something you can buy, it is something innate, and perhaps something that can be learned... over time.

  3. I'm wondering where the heck are the people who bitched and moaned when Nancy Reagan wore a red gown to Pres. Reagan's inauguration ball (correct me if I'm wrong)? At least they weren't hosting a communist country when she wore that red dress. All I seem to find is that they say Michelle was elegant in her red gown.