Friday, January 28, 2011

School Choice Poster Child? Really?

Because I'm think more along the lines of this woman being just a garden-variety liar.

I'm sick of headlines like this:

Evening Buzz: Mom Jailed For Sending Her Kids to a Better School

Ohio Case: The 'Rosa Parks Moment' For Education?

First off, let's get one thing straight: She didn't go to jail for trying to get her kid into a better school. She went to jail for enrolling her kid fraudulently. She lied on an official document and signed her name. That's fraud. That's a crime. I won't condone it, no matter how sympathetic the cause. Which in this case ain't all that much, because after she lied to get her kids into the school, she lied to get them free school lunches, too.

Put a PB & J in a paper bag, woman. It ain't that hard.

But the funny thing is, this whole form kerfluffle is NOT that big of a deal to fix. If I know anything about bureaucrats, it's that they hate doing any more paperwork than they have to. I'm sure they wanted to just make this whole thing go away, because she played them for fools for 2 years - a bit embarrassing for the school. So I suspect that after they discovered the ruse, they called her in & told her she'd been caught. And I'll bet that if she'd just agreed to pull her kid out, never come back, and keep her mouth shut, the incident would've been forgotten.

So I'm thinking that after she got caught, she went off on some sort of Jerry-Springer, high-toned, wobbly-necked, don't-mess-wif-a-sister "I didn't do anything wrong" rant, and honked off the paper-pushers who were trying to be reasonable.

So they threw her fat, idiot, loud-mouth butt in jail.

Which serves her right.

Because lady, if you want your kid in a better district, then move there like everyone else.

And if you want to lie on forms, just shut up and take your medicine if you get caught.

But don't try to pull a scam, get busted, then proclaim that your noble cause absolves you of responsibility.

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