Saturday, January 15, 2011

Validation: Best 16 Minutes of Your Life

[YouTube direct link]

And yes, I'm dedicating this one to blogdaughter Tammi of Tammi's Trail, because I've met her, and - no kidding - she has this exact same magical power.

And to Writer/Director/Composer Kurt Kuenne: Wow. That is some of the best filmmaking I've ever seen. Not a single wasted shot, not a single unnecessary word of dialogue. Every tiny bit of everything either develops character or moves the plot.

If Hollywood tried to tell this story, it would be full of useless, boring parts that did nothing but pad the film out to the requisite 105 minutes.

God bless you, Kurt. More like this, please.


  1. That was great, and amazing. I loved it. I thought the subtle (or not so subtle depending how observant one is) with the hair of the two leads was a nice touch.

    Also, fascinating for me in that the word "validation" has come up in my thoughts a couple times in the past year.

  2. That was amazing! And I agree, Tammi is that kind of magical...

  3. Thanks for sharing this Harvey, I needed to watch it.