Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yes, It IS the Best National Anthem Ever

[FoxNation direct link]

I'm so used to hearing girls sing it like a love song, I'd forgotten that there was any other way to do it.

This is a version of the Anthem you can kill terrorists and plant a flag to.


  1. That man is a Chicago sports institution! He signs it all the time at Blackhawks games. Good to see him get some more national exposure. Not enough people watched the NHL playoffs last year.

    BTW, it is a tradition that the crowd scream as loud as they can throughout his rendition. He gets them all fired up!

  2. What a rousing rendition! Loved it!

  3. That is fantastic. He is absolutely amazing. What a strong an wonderful voice.

    Was it you that did the post a few years ago on the stringing out of the National Anthem and how long it takes? It was a Sports Illustrated article...

  4. Bou - don't remember where or when, but I do believe I've said that when it comes to the Anthem, it should be about the song, not the singer.

    No vocal dog & pony show allowed (looking at you, Whitney).

    Best rendition in this vein: SarahK's version for the opening of the Independence Day IMAO podcast:

    She closes the podcast with verse 4. Simply angelic.

  5. That IS how I remember the U.S. anthem being sung, and that IS how it should be done. That IS also how I remember football being played the few times that I did watch when I was much younger, on real grass with snow falling. I haven't watched TV in ages.

  6. I *loved* this rendition of the Anthem.

  7. POWerful! Absolutely inspiring! Gimme a M1 Garand and a 1911, I'll target some terrizts myself!