Saturday, February 26, 2011

But Then We'd Never Have Had "Plexiglass Toilet"

Turns out the real reason the music industry is dying is that, thanks to downloadable music, we no longer have to pay for 10 songs to get the two we really want.

(About the title: "Plexiglass Toilet" was the worst song Styx ever did, but it was on the album "The Serpent is Rising", so - back in the day - if you liked the latter, you had to pay for the former also, even though it was an abomination.)


  1. Wow. That song was so bad their record label should have had them assassinated.

  2. That's kind of sad, though; some of my favorite songs are deep cuts from albums I never would have heard if I didn't have to buy the whole album

  3. Two things. First, Styx was very much a hit and miss band, IMO. B, I tend to adhere to bands that have strong albums all the way through, so this problem seldom arises. Third, as an aside, I loathe classic rock radio stations because they avoid the best songs on any given album, no matter what the band. Best song on Van Halen II? Light Up the Sky. Do you ever hear that one on the radio?


  4. The music industry is dying because mediocrity is celebrated, if, it is hot (think: Britney Spears in Womanizer), if it is strange (think GaGa), or if it cusses (everyone else). My ears hate Womanizer, my eyes likes Womanizer. Music is not really a medium for your eyes. Could you imagine someone as ugly as Janis Joplin getting a recording contract today? Didn't think so.

  5. Ron - counterpoint: Kiss did well in the Age of Video, even without their makeup, and they are some of the ugliest men on the planet.

    Also, the old folks made about the same argument against Elvis Presley & the Beatles back in the day.

    But still, I'll agree that it's hard to get attention from a major label unless the camera loves you.