Tuesday, March 1, 2011

25 Levels of Fun

Moops - Great little time-waster. Until level 26, when it becomes a miserable, grinding, pixel-hunting, perfect-timing, do-it-again-stupid annoyance.

But up until level 26, lots of fun.


  1. I laugh every time I get a "free ball" because, in college, we used to call the act of not wearing underpants "free balling"

  2. Any comments on strategy for level 26 would be appreciated

  3. You just have to aim for the Cheesy Columns on the right and bounce them from there to the left, back to the right and so on. To do so I usually aim my cursor just above the planet down in the lower left.

    It takes a few tries, but when it works just right you can knock out five in a row and it's spectacular.

  4. Joey - Thanks, I found the combo shot. I went about an inch above the top of the planet on the lower right.