Saturday, March 19, 2011

In A Better World, This Wouldn't Be News

From the Puppy Blender:
State Police troopers arrested 14 people during a rowdy protest of Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget bills. One of them was a man who allegedly broke into the Capitol through a window and assaulted officers, state police said. The man was armed with a sharp-edged weapon, state police said.[emphasis mine]

He's an adult male American. Why shouldn't he carry a weapon? That's what free men do.

You'll notice the article didn't say he brandished it or used it to injure or kill anyone.

He was also wearing pants, but the article didn't feel the need to mention that, because it's normal.

It's REALLY past time we get over this bizarre liberal notion that being disarmed is "normal". Normal adults retain at all times the means of protecting themselves, their property, and their loved ones.


  1. They would freak over my pocket knife I carry with me... and I'm a GIRL. Egads, this is ridiculous.

  2. It really ticked me off when I had to stop carrying my Swiss Army knife in my purse because I kept forgetting to take it out before flying. It gets expensive to replace them after 2 or3 confiscations. Now I just leave it in my toiletries kit that goes in the checked bag.

    And, yes, I check bags. I'm too short to hoist them into overhead, and I think it's rude and presumptuous to expect fellow flyers to do it for me. Although, apparently not all flying folk think along these same lines. There are LOTS of rude people in the friendly skies.

    Now, what was I saying?

  3. It's good to know I am not the only one with a "purse knife"... :)

  4. I agree that there is nothing unusual about a guy having a knife, however; there was a "rowdy protest" and this guy "broke into the Capitol through a window" and "assaulted an officer". Being armed is perfectly fine. Being armed and stupid is not.

    You said, "You'll notice the article didn't say he brandished it or used it to injure or kill anyone"

    It didn't say that he didn't brandish it either. Not sure what to make of that.