Saturday, March 19, 2011

Odd Comparison

So some liberal jerk on MSNBC compares Obama to Winston Churchill. Not off-handedly, either. The full-monty extended metaphor kind of comparison. More specifically, he compares Obama making his bracket picks during a time of domestic and international crisis to Winston Churchill smoking cigars, drinking heavily, and creating paintings.

[Fox direct link] Three points: 1) "The President is said to be abstemious when it comes to drink". Do these guys NOT have an internet connection? Beer. Wine. The beer summit. 2) Churchill didn't do his cigars, booze or paintings in public as a PR stunt to ingratiate himself to sports fans - who tend, as a group, to lean right - as his re-election draws ever nearer. 3) Obama returns the bust of Churchill.

Seriously, MSNBC, crawl under a moving steamroller and end my misery.

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