Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proof That Obama Was A Mistake

Tangential quote pulled from Obama spokes-tool Valerie Jarrett:
[Obama] inherited such a crisis on all fronts—two wars, an economic meltdown, a fiscal meltdown, the largest deficit in our nation's history, and a health crisis, energy crisis, education crisis, confidence crisis around the world

So let's see how he's done:

* Two wars - still going

* Economic meltdown - unemployment rose on his watch

* Fiscal meltdown - half the states are broke & CA's near bankruptcy

* Largest deficit in history - he set new records on that

* Health crisis - doctors & insurance companies are now up and QUITTING

* Energy crisis - we're pushing $3.50 a gallon in WI. And you?

* Education crisis - public education has always been garbage. It's probably not really any worse

* Worldwide confidence crisis - Our allies don't trust us, our enemies don't fear us, and China owns us. I don't feel confident.

Maybe this administration shouldn't point out Obama's inheritance if all he's done is squander it.

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  1. And most of the R's who are talking about running against him are useless. Barry may go down in history as the crappiest prez to ever win a second term.