Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy - UPDATED 3-4-11

If this passes:
Wisconsin's 20-year-old mandatory recycling law would be tossed in the garbage under Governor Scott Walker's next state budget. The Republican Walker says communities would no longer be required to have recycling programs – and those that do would stop getting state money to help run them.
1) I don't like being required to gift-wrap garbage.

2) Recycling used to be a profitable industry, metal & paper-wise. Then the government decided to force people to recycle plastic. Which is useless, unreusable, and frankly belongs in a landfill.

3) The dirtbag companies that signed up to take the government blood money to recycle this unprofitable offal despite the fact that there never was and never will be a sound business reason to do it... well, I hope they all go bankrupt.

UPDATE 3-4-11 - via my Blogless Brother Tom, it turns out that curbside recycling is such an incredibly idiotic idea that even filthy socialist hippies from Berkeley have come out against it, because it doesn't even make sense using THEIR tree-hugging, unicorn-riding, fairy-dust-snorting version of logic.

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