Friday, March 11, 2011

The Tragedy Of Unrealistic Toys

It's all Barbie's fault:
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on a Hamilton College sophomore who created a life-size Barbie to illustrate how unrealistic body images feed (no pun intended) eating disorders in young women.

Ya know, my cap gun never fired projectiles, but that didn't make me handle firearms recklessly as an adult.

Although I *did* almost get kicked out of the Navy because I kept trying to bring my dog with me. Hey, the guy on the Cracker Jack box always had a dog.


  1. I didn't major in math or anything, but the geometry of whatever that thing in the middle is, is completely wrong if they're going for Barbie.

  2. Man, I never like, played with barbies or anything, you know. But like, if they actually had such tiny heads and toothpick arms they pretty much just wouldn't make any damned sense.

    Like, did the person who made this even look at a barbie doll before hand? Or, like, what?

    "Listne girls, it's totally unrealistic to think you can ever get your head to be that tiny. Tough shit."

  3. She doesn't even have hands!

    What the fuck?!

  4. The Army tried the same thing with me! They changed their minds when they saw his ASVAB scores.

  5. I'd say that chick failed Geometry and also basic math. And... regardless of how unrealistic Barbie's proportions were, she was a doll dammit.

  6. Forgive my rambling comments from a couple nights ago; I may not have been at my most sober when I left them.

  7. They claim it's life sized but it looms over them like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Plus it just looks weird. You could do a better job with photoshop and the zoom feature.

  8. What's next? stuffed animals? tea sets? toy cars? geeze, that is not a properly proportioned doll from barbie up to 'real life'. And i would like to see them sell a toy where it was properly done and still moves. Ugh.