Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Typical Libertarian

Know what I hate about libertarians? They don't know when to shut up.

More precisely, the speak in paragraphs without summarizing in soundbites. Which is a shame, because the points they make could save this country from ruin. Trouble is, without a catchphrase it ain't gonna happen.

Heck, even the Founding Fathers - masters of the run-on sentence (heaven help you if you ever try to read Jefferson's brilliant-yet-long-winded writings) - managed to pump out some shorties we could hang our hats on like "freedom of speech" and "right to bear arms". You'll notice that, unfortunately, the most important Amendments - 9 & 10 - are too long to be committed to memory.

But I'll give partial credit to this piece by David Steinberg on why Big Government sucks. Because in this case, going on and on and on is sort of the point.

Except that that whole dreary, boring, history-of-the-universe-part-one intro isn't really necessary.

So allow me to edit. It should read like this:

"This is what Big Government means in practice:"

[interminable list of government programs and agencies which no one will ever read, but which makes the point through sheer sensory overload, and kudos for linking every single one of these overbearing nanny-state organizations]

"[Liberals,] we deserve to know if you are proud of this structure — not the principles behind the structure, not the ideals, but the actual structure. This is the government, now, crushing and wasting us, and rational men cannot be proud of what you have done here. Are you, and do you understand us?"

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