Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Google Are YOU Using?

Why bring an iPhone on your next hiking trip?

"looking up that interesting bug or plant on the web."

Yeah... that will never happen.

The internet is useless for plant and animal identification, even with a full keyboard and a high-speed connection.

The internet does not tag images with descriptions, it tags them with names. Typing a description into Google doesn't do much good.

Trust me. I still don't know what the that little tree in my back yard is. Or that weed growing all over my fence.

And I never will without sending a picture to a botanist.

Leave your iPhone at home and enjoy nature as it was intended to be enjoyed - without benefit of electronic devices. Otherwise what you're doing isn't really "enjoying nature", now is it?


  1. Chill... it was a ploy... he had to add something at the end to make himself sound not so geeky. (Did it work?) He had already admitted that he was high risk for getting his sorry a** lost.

  2. Shoot, I realized after the fact that you were being iPhone specific.