Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeah, That'll Happen

Headline: Anger Brews Over Government Workers' Benefits

They had this coming.

Unions were always all about the politics of envy - OO! That evil rich management has more that us. Gimme!

Now the taxpayers are looking at state workers and going OO! - evil government unions have better benefits than me and they pay less for them! Gimme!

The go around has come around.

Shouldn't have played the envy game.

Full disclosure: the Mrs. is a state worker in WI, and Walker's bill is gonna take a chunk out of her paycheck. We're gonna take a hit.

But the state is broke, and there's a lot of union guys at the local closed-down GM plant that aren't working at all because their union got greedy & bankrupted the company. I'm counting my blessings on this one.

Besides, even paying more, the pensions & benefits still beat the private sector.


  1. It beats the private sector? Really? Because NPR has been doing its darndest to convince everyone that that just isn't so.

    Are you sure?

    Meanwhile, I am sorry to see anyone have a chunk taken out, but thanks for being honest about it!

  2. Good ol' NPR. Always with the honest.

    Hey, wait... aren't THEY getting big fat benefit packages as federal employees, which they have a vested interest in people not paying attention to?

    Fuller disclosure, Beloved wife didn't do any agitating or sick-outing, and she's not a teacher. Also, she doesn't give a rat's ass about the union - which has never done shit for her personally. But she is really pissed, because the great benefits are the whole reason she puts up with all the mindless bureaucratic crap that goes along with state work.

  3. Been REALLY hard to to get into it with your wife over on facebook about some of this stuff. She hasn't been too bad about it, but the whole "If you threaten to take away our ability to make government work a closed shop and cut our bennies then democracy has died and you're like HITLER!" bullshit the agitators keep spewing makes me want to punch my computer. The whole mandatory union dues which then get used to elect democrats who then kick back to the unions shit has to cease. It's one huge incestious circle jerk with taxpayers being handed a mop.

  4. Unfortunately, Beloved Wife is taking this personally instead of looking at the big picture.

    It's a sore spot around the house.