Friday, April 1, 2011

Battle of the Sexes: Work Edition

Interesting, especially since a woman wrote this:
For the most part, I prefer to work with men than women. Over the years, I have found female-dominated workplaces to be unfocused and ill-managed, consumed by office politics, less competitive and less ambitious, and I have found male-dominated workplaces to be more focused and better-managed, less consumed by office politics, more competitive and more ambitious.

Since I've worked in both situations, I find myself agreeing 100%.

If you've had it both ways, please chime in.


  1. Please let me work where a strong man is leading. Let me dance with a strong man leading. Let me elect a strong man before I elect a woman.

    Women play the control game. Men play the competition game. Not the same thing at all.

    Saying that, I will offer that the best place I ever worked was a business with a strong male lead who got out of the way of some very smart (and I mean brilliant) business women who knew how to crunch numbers and pad the margins, buy products and market them. We left the online shopping details to the amazing web-wonk guys, and the artwork to the mad graphic-wonk guys. We all had a blast. Smart is much more fun, no matter which sex.

  2. I currently work for a bunch of old white men who don't communicate and the place is unfocused and poorly managed. I want to absolutely scream at it all. It's all politics, who knew who to get there, and there is absolutely no communication at all.

    We recently found ourselves in a precarious position of getting a big contract from a Fortune 50 Company and scrambling to learn a new system and manage the work. Instead of consulting the people doing the work (3 people in their 40s, 1 male, 2 females), management decided to just hire someone, without asking anyone about anything, and one day a 75 year old white guy with NO experience in our field was not only working for us, but we were expected to train him too. He knew all the old white guys we work for, and now... he's dragging us down. (Dragging us down to the point that the Fortune 50 company may not want to do further business with us...which may force their hands to fire him. Not his fault... he was the wrong man at the wrong time.)

    In essence, it is probably one of the worst places I've ever worked in my entire life and its male dominated.

    The last place I worked, although it had its issues, was far more diverse and much more motivating, competitive, and ambitious. In essence, everyone brought something to the table and it was appreciated.

    I prefer no dominance of one sex or one race over the other. I've found it comes down to working with extraordinarily smart people who can communicate and one sex or race or the other doesn't own that. If I can have that, brilliant people who can communicate, I don't care if they're male, female, or are confused as to what they are. It works.

    I have found the worse the backstabbing, the worse the politicking, the most unfocused... do an IQ check of those around you. Usually it's kind on the low end.

    (Just read Joan's comment and realize we're on the same page. Funny that.. I should have read her first...)

  3. I work for, with that said, I do contract work and the 'boss' is female and has female leads.
    It sucks. They are unfocused and half-assed and expect me to make up their slack.

    Now, I've also worked where men were the boss or lead, and the same thing happened.

    It's not a gender issue. It's a personality issue. It's character and drive and knowledge.

  4. BTW- this is not really all that funny, but when you think about it it COULD be....I like the idea of it. :)

    Then again, that's just me.;content

  5. Cordovan - can you believe that article didn't mention "Princess Bride" or "Star Wars" as a quotable movie?

    Bou - now that I think about it, the women I was surrounded with weren't very bright, they had seniority only because they'd been doing a very small job for a very long time. The smart girls who came through were never there long.