Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Not Spill Beer When You Tip the Bottle Over

Having spilled my fair share of beers at my fair share of backyard events, I find myself admiring the brilliant simplicity of this (via There, I Fixed It):


  1. However, if it blocks your view when you tilt it toward you, this might result in your not seeing someone approach you want to avoid, like say you owe them money and you've been dodging them despite the bloodhound they borrowed from their cousin and are not hesitant about siccing it on you once in sniffs you out and being an incontinent bloodhound at that, you are now broke and peed on.
    Theoretically, of course. Yeah, that's how I'm going. Theoretically.

  2. Excellent point, however when you by a spindle of CD-Rs, there's usually one clear plastic disc on top to protect the top CD-R disc.

    I think it may have been designed just for this purpose.

  3. Hmmm. What kind of redneck drinks Finnish beer. I think this may be a plot by the Finns to make rednecks look smarter. Why would they do this? I have no idea. Crafty Finns.

  4. Should have known I'd regret putting everything on a jumpdrive eventually...