Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've Seen The Prototype - It's AWESOME!

I'm on board with this technological marvel, yet so few of my friends are brave enough to join me on the cutting edge:

[YouTube direct link]


  1. HA! Ain't it the truth!!! My kids and wife text me all the time. When they do, I call them back, and answer them voice to voice. it.

  2. OMG LOL where can I get "the phone"!!Is It as over priced and as useless as an ipad or an iphone??
    Will all my co-workers be Impressed and say how cool I'am when I take It out and use It???
    When Is It coming out?? where can I get one??
    SIGH...I truly weep for the future of the human race....sigh.
    Seriously dude, that should have had a drink alert warning.

  3. I use the phone more than texting, but texting does have its uses, primarily if I'm unsure of whether or not someone is available to talk. Yes, I could just leave a voice mail, but most of the people I know (including myself) use their cell phone in place of a lan-line, and I don't want to wake them up if they're asleep.

  4. Andrew - Thus their marketing slogan:

    Texting! Just like e-mail, except with a crappy, tiny keyboard!

    Which they really ought to change to:

    10 times the effort - same exact results.

  5. Agh... I wasn't going to watch this vid, but sh**... now I can't stop laughing.

    It kinda bugs me when people text whilst sitting in a restaurant... not eating the food that is on the table before them. I have made inquiry "why not just talk on the phone?" ... the answer being... texting is cheaper. Yeah... sure... takes six texts to say what you could in one phone call. Oh... now I have a theory to explore on this.

  6. SG - If someone has to think twice about using their cell phone because of the cost, they either need a different plan with their provider, or they need to admit they can't afford the luxury of cell phone.

    Related to my previous comment, my wife sometimes texts to my email address, because she knows I never check my phone.

    I only carry the damn thing in case my car breaks down and I need to call AAA. Although the last time I needed it, it turned out I'd left the aforementioned damn thing at home.

  7. Harvey, you are definitely a kindred soul...

    Dude, as much as I try to keep up with, and enjoy new technology, some of it seems like somebody's trying to buy too much sugar for a dime.