Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Another Reason

...that I hate Twitter.

Rounded corners on text boxes.

Because unless a corner exists in the physical world where it can draw blood from the careless or clumsy, there's no reason to round it off.


  1. Twitter's not that bad. It's how I found out about Weird Al's newest song:

  2. You could be like me and set up an account with no intention of tweeting, but just to occasionally amuse myself. A few follows of some of the funnier ones and there are a gazillion ones you can link to from their lists and re-tweets. It would be a way for a famous blog-god like yourself to reserve a desired domain if you thought it might be a future possibility.

  3. Actually, I already have a Twitter account. Signing up seemed like a good idea at some point.

    Never use it.

    Probably never will.

    Because just like Facebook, the software is buggy, the host server is unreliable and underpowered, and the interface is insanely restrictive. You can't even edit prior entries.

    Plus the character-count limit. Arbitrary and pointless.

    Going from blogging to Twitter would be like going from mp3's to 8-tracks.