Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scorched Earth

Pelosi's beating up on Exxon for making a profit.
Pelosi, like President Barack Obama earlier in the week, said oil companies don’t deserve tax breaks and that the U.S. ought to be investing in clean energy.

"There is no reason American taxpayers should subsidize Big Oil's profits," Pelosi said in a brief statement on Thursday. Obama's 2012 budget aims to strip oil and gas companies of tax deductions and credits including a credit for oil and gas produced from marginal wells.

Stop calling these subsidies. A subsidy is when the government actually cuts a check to these companies.

And "tax break" isn't exactly right, either. They're just vestiges of freedom on a landscape otherwise blighted with taxes. Left over from before the taxes were originally levied.

Put it this way - if every year a city were carpet-bombed, but one church continuously and miraculously escaped the devastation unharmed, would you insist that the problem is that the church is still standing?

Apparently Nancy Pelosi would.

And does.

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