Saturday, April 2, 2011

These Politicians Are a Tiresome Lot

I'm stuck in Wisconsin. It's spring,and it's April, and it snowed again yesterday.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden jet-sets out of his DC office to hobnob with sports celebrities in Florida, in sunshine and short sleeves.

Joe Biden - a guy who's job description is "outlive the President".

Why is he in Florida, hobnobbing with celebrities, on my dime?

I want my dime back.

Seriously, just shove this muckwallower into his "undisclosed location", lock the door, and bury the key. Let him out if and only if Obama becomes unable to perform his duties and Biden has to take over.

If there's a tie in the Senate, Biden can vote by phone. Works for American Idol.

This country's broke, Joe. You should know that. You voted for every single one of those spending bills since your first day in the Senate.

Please stop wasting my money on stupid, pointless gambolings like flying 1000 miles for a photo-op.

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  1. I'm just going to address the first line of this post...
    I'm stuck in Canada... It's spring, and it's April. Today it is sunny and beautiful. It can change on a dime.