Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trump Has Bad Hair And A Point

Joe Biden's daughter has opened her mouth, so it's open season.

Apparently she's upset that Donald Trump is mentioning Obama's birth certificate in any context.

What irritates me is the way Trump's position is being misrepresented here. He's not suggesting Obama doesn't have a birth certificate. He's quite sure it exists. He's asking why it hasn't been shown.

Because that question is interesting. It's analogous to Saddam Hussein who kept acting like he was hiding WMD, even though he really had nothing to hide.

It's sad that the best case scenario we can hope for with Obama's birth certificate is that Obama is acting just like Saddam Hussein.


  1. Shouldn't a certified birth certificate be mandatory if you're running for president?

  2. The constitution has the requirement for natural born citizen, 35 years old, been a U.S. resident for 14 years, I'm curious how exactly a candidate goes about proving that has been met.

    It's kinda sad that I honestly don't know. Is there a job application you fill out somewhere? Who checks it?

  3. Brief Googling indicates that each state controls the rules for being listed on the presidential ballot.

    I assume this also includes what constitutes "proof of identity". Google your individual state's election laws for more details.

  4. It sure makes me suspicious that Obama has spent some two million dollars to keep from showing his birth certificate. When I needed a copy of mine it cost twenty bucks. I realize that he's a Democrat and likes to spend other people's money but still, two million vs. twenty?