Friday, May 13, 2011

Basil Envy

Basil's always going on & on about how fun & awesome Angry Birds is, but I know it's just an app, and since my cell phone still has a rotary dial, I don't get to play.

Sure, they make a version for Windows, but they charge money for it.

And why do that when I hear from a reputable source that I've never heard of before (hey, it's on the internet, what's not to trust?) that there are at least 6 free online games that are in the same vein.

Of those, I liked Crush the Castle 2, Sieger, and Cannibal Casserole best. Those kept me amused enough to keep pushing through the frustrating tricky parts all the way to the end.


  1. There's a seventh free one for Windows. It's called ... wait for it ... Angry Birds.

    Yes, the real Angry Birds is available for Windows. For free.

    There's a catch ... of course. It's free ... but you must use the Chrome browser.

    So, if you were to install Chrome, you could add Angry Birds from the Chrome Webstore. For free.

    Or, have hours of fund with the other freebies you found.

  2. Actually, I've had Chrome as one of my back-up browsers for a while now.

    Anyway, this works. Thanks!

    (On 1-9 right now... still playing)

  3. I mentioned it to The Wife. She -- who had constantly made fun of my playing Angry Birds -- said, "OH, that's nice. The grandchildren will like that."

    A bit later, I heard her say, "Oooh! I got three stars!"

    Yes, she had installed it on her computer and was playing. The cat-with-the-canary look on her face when she realized what had happened was priceless.

  4. Yes, this game is addictive. I'd have to say that Chrome is my favorite browser now. I only use a different one when I come across the rare website that doesn't support chrome.

  5. I got the free iphone version on my ipod touch. I think I played it once for about 10 minutes. On the game front I really fail completely as a geek... it's so sad. heh.

  6. I got to level 21 and then "it" happened - a tricky level with a lot of ammo and only one specific way to use it if you want to win. Basically, you have to guess what's in the level developers head. Then you have to do a lot of precision shooting perfectly. And then when you miss by a hair on the final shot, you have to do it ALL again.

    That's why I didn't want to spend money on this, because I was afraid there was going to be just this sort of deal-breaker "Olympic balance beam routine" in there somewhere.

    Hate those. Quitting now.

    Some of the other games avoided this issue for me by offering either more precise targeting methods or enough ammo to make a brute force solution an option.

    But the other levels were fun, and I can see the attraction now.

  7. My neighbor/hairdresser marveled that I -- a lady of advancing years -- was playing AB while waiting for my turn in the chair. He told me that his 2yo son likes to play AB. Sometimes he makes the bird fly backwards, but it keeps him entertained. I suppose that says a lot.