Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crash Test Kittens

I found this amusing.

[YouTube direct link]

Strangely, it appears that some folks in the comments to this video seriously think it's a form of animal abuse.

These people have obviously never played with real live kittens. Or cats.

I have, and here's the applicable rule:

If it doesn't make the cat bite, scratch, hiss, or bolt from the room, it's not abuse.

If the cat is still purring afterwards, it's DEFINITELY not abuse.

Depending on the cat, at my house, abuse does not include such things as: manually-assisted backflips, being hoisted by the tail from the floor to a lap, paddling, and being tail-dangled (with head-scratches).

Yes, cats are weird. Roll with it.


  1. Oh... those poor kittens are going to be scarred for life.

  2. Scarred... with snuggly playfulness!

  3. The kittens will be fine. But the receptacles on the wall: WTF? Can't commies even get that right?

  4. To Monkey, abuse means removing her from the keyboard so I can type. Otherwise she's up for almost anything.
    Now I want five kittens so I could do a helicopter report on the big wreck down on the Kitteh I40.
    And I like that wallpaper.

  5. Our cats react better to getting squirted with a water bottle than the dogs do.

  6. Puppies are pretty tough, too. Except when Reynolds puts 'em in a blender.

  7. Which brings to mind that whole brew-ha-ha about bonsai kittens about ten years ago and the reality challenged individuals who believed it was real.