Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Low Salt Diet Will Kill You

Ok, this tears it.

I'm ignoring any and all medical advice regarding my diet, and I'm going to eat whatever I want - in moderate portions - and just keep an eye on the bathroom scale so I don't have to buy bigger pants.

[storms off to fridge to eat a stick of butter]


  1. It took that article to do it? I would have thought it'd be the constant back and forth about eggs.

    Meanwhile, I'll just keep eating my mayo straight.

  2. I vote we just eat the people who do the studies.

  3. I vote we have a big bacon sandwich on bacon bread with a side of bacon, dammit.

  4. I generally find that "Experts" is a euphemism for government grant receiving dumb-asses, or, opportunist who see a chance to make a buck by scaring the bajesus out of you. Or both. You already have the answer anyway. Moderation.

  5. Yeah man, don't trust the advice of anyone who is funded by grant money, because their main aim is usually not to find out anything worthwhile, but to get more grant money.

    And the best way to get more grant money is to back up what the government already believes, which is faulty and built on a foundation of Ancel Keys, Nathan Pritikin, George McGovern and, supposedly, some vegetarian typist.

  6. Well, I just finished a Porterhouse steak cooked in a frying pan with real butter. For a vegetable I had peas with real butter, lots of salt, citrus pepper and garlic on the steak, plus the normal salt and pepper. And I had by God biscuits and gravy for breakfast, the gravy made with bacon grease and a couple of crumpled up slices of bacon. Bingo T. Pug and Cochise' Apache Princes and I shared some more bacon.

    furthermore I made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies with real butter for my snacks. With all this, I'm needing to go to the thrift store and buy some smaller blue jeans.

    Why are there almost always near brand new blue jeans at the thrift store?