Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty Much Useless

Story about shortages of drugs. Turns out they're mostly old, unprofitable ones that companies don't make anymore because companies that don't make profits don't stay companies very long. Then nobody gets ANY drugs.

And here's the inevitable "we're from the government and we're here to help you" solution:
Also, pending legislation would require manufacturers to give FDA advance notice of problems such as manufacturing delays that might trigger a shortage. The FDA cannot force a company to make a drug, but was able to prevent 38 close calls from turning into shortages last year by speeding approval of manufacturing changes or urging competing companies to get ready to meet a shortfall.

So, they want to create an additional, burdensome, paperwork requirement on manufacturers when the problem in (we can only assume) 37 of the 38 "close calls" was burdensome paperwork requirements on manufacturers.

Tell me again why we need the FDA?


  1. Ever eaten Japanese food??
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  2. Harvey, you are dead on about the FDA. I know why there is a shortage of drugs. I read the comment before mine. I think Blogless Brother has taken them all. Maybe to the kids today that is good grammar, but I am still trying to figure out where to put the punctuation.

    Let me see if I can help.

    (Have you) ever eaten......

    (Y)ou don't...



  3. BB works nights. Chalk it up to sleep deprivation.

  4. I was just messing with him. You had a post about drugs and it was just too darn easy. The grammar police would lock me up for life.

  5. How exactly do you provide the FDA with advance notice of "delays that might trigger a shortage"? If you knew in advance wouldn't you just make sure the situation didn't arise by taking steps? It's not like you want to be out of something that your customers want to buy.

  6. Absolutely. These government types always ignore the fact that free market incentives exist, and they work as long as regulatory bureaucrats quit sticking their dicks into things.

    For example pollution - pollution is waste, which is a direct expense. It's inventory that's paid for but isn't used. Companies have a direct financial incentive to cut it.

    Also, other creative entrepreneurs have a financial incentive to figure out a profitable way to use industrial byproducts that are just being thrown into landfills.

    Outside of providing a legal system to help in enforcing contracts, government "help" rarely does more good than harm.

  7. My father is facing a shortage of his COPD med, and I don't see any action from the FDA to remedy the situation. The FDA is just about as valuable as the Depts of Ed and Justice.

  8. The FDA is there to make the big players in the drug market not have competition. They raise the barriers to entry so high that it shuts out new competition.