Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Racial Bias? Toughen Up, Buckaroo

Short version: white folks are starting to perceive a pattern of anti-white bias in society. You can read about the inexcusably unscientific study here. (Note: NEVER trust a survey with a sample size under 1000. Ever. It's the one thing I learned in college statistics.)

Anyway, Caucasian-Americans... yeah, that's awful, but you know what? Tough. Get over it. Same advice I give blacks complaining about bias.

EVERYONE'S got obstacles to overcome.

Me, for example. I ain't no rock star, I ain't no supermodel. On a good day, I qualify as fair-to-homely, plagued by bad dentistry and a receding hairline. Most times, I've got all the social graces of a headlight-struck deer. Generally I remind people of that dweeb in Chess Club they used to beat up in high school. And if you went to my high school, I probably was.

But so what?

I make do with what I got, fix what I can, and try to spend most of my time where I'm wanted.

If you're a little boy who cries "bias", my advice is to stop being a Whiny Walter, put on your big boy pants and focus on getting what you want out of life. If what you're doing ain't doing it, try doing something else. Repeat until you either get what you want or die trying.

If you think you're failing because everyone's against you, well, chances are the problem isn't everyone. It's you.

Finally, spend less time taking surveys about racial bias, and more time chasing your dreams.


  1. Damn good advice for everyone, Harvey.

  2. Wow, a white man calling other whites "honky". Such brave blogging.