Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doing Taranto a Favor

And also doing the job of the Wall Street Journal's online editor for him, since he apparently forgot that you can use hyperlinks on the web.

Sentence as written (and - bizarrely - approved by the editor):
Obama has turned into President Rodney Dangerfield: He doesn't get no respect. (For readers too young to remember Dangerfield, that's not litotes. He used the double negative as an intensifier.)

First of all... Really?... REALLY, Mr. Taranto? You think that Rodney Dangerfield's signature catchphrase is completely unfamiliar to the Wall Street Journal's baby-boomer fan base, but an obscure bit of terminology from your prep school rhetoric class is common knowledge?

Blows my mind. I'm not sure why this man gets paid to write.

And second, Rodney's catch phrase was "I don't get no respect." Don't presume to correct a comedic genius's grammar. He knew what he was doing. You - apparently - don't.

Anyway, let's do the world a favor, ditch Taranto's tortured prose, and add a reference link (since it's, you know, the internet, and you can do that in lieu of appending awkward explanations).
Obama has turned into President Rodney Dangerfield: He don't get no respect.

You're welcome, James & WSJ.


  1. Doesn't get no respect. Holy. Crap.

  2. Funny thing about respect, it has to be earned. Too often I hear people demanding it.

  3. Mr. Taranto is a self educated man. His only degrees are from the University of Fahrenheit. Having the same degrees, all 98.6 of them, I can forgive his mistakes as I seem to make a bunch of similar ones. This one does seem a bit extreme, though.

    An editor would help him.

  4. Here's a new double negative with a southern twist.

    Obama: He ain't earned no respect.

  5. I completely agree with your statement about the monkeying with Dangerfield's construction: Taranto pooed the scrooch with that one, but, "an obscure bit of terminology from your prep school rhetoric class"? I thought everyone was familiar with litotes... *heh* (But then I remind myself that not everyone's momwas an English teacher. ;-))