Friday, July 22, 2011

Flag Flap Not Flapworthy

On July 4th, an Iraq War veteran hoisted an American flag on the campus of a New Mexico community college.

About a week ago, it was taken down.

And people are upset about this, taking it as some sort of anti-patriotic insult.

It is not. Here's why.

As the article explains, the impromptu hoisting of the flag was an impulsive burst of Americanism, and not well thought out. The flag was pretty much just randomly attached to the building.

Fact is, our flag deserves better than this half-hearted display.

Look, a well-displayed outdoor flag requires attention and maintenance. Someone has to put it up and take it down and store it every day. Outdoor flags get tattered and need replacement. If you choose - like this community college did - not to display an outdoor flag because you are unwilling or unable to do the constant work required to do it right, I have no problem with that. Quite frankly, the burden of properly and respectfully maintaining an outdoor flag is NOT for everyone.

The school's decision to display an indoor flag instead - which is much easier to do correctly - is a sufficient substitute in my judgment.


  1. I agree. While I have never been a flag worshiper I do believe that people should conform to those basic sustoms of their land that we collectively call courtesy and decency.

  2. On most things (blogging, for example) I'm supportive of half-assed kludges, since very often doing things poorly still beats not doing them at all.

    When it comes to showing honor and respect, though, it's more important to do it RIGHT.

  3. I'll go along with that. We're not always as attentive to our flag out front as we should be.

  4. FYI, a flag does not have to be taken down at night if it is properly lit. I do agree that a flag should not be put up half-assed.