Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How It's Done

Some people (MOST people) beat the drums.

Some people (a rare few) PLAY the drums - like a musical instrument.

This is one of the latter:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #150,501)

It's almost Mozartesque - his transitions between themes are intriguing without being outrageous, and even when he settles into grooves between his transitions, there's always subtle change-ups & progressions - a few extra unintrusive beats thrown in for flair.

Plus stick-twirling. It ain't a drum solo without stick-twirling.

And just enough variety to keep you from being bored. I've heard plenty of drum solos that overdo it in this department and have so much variety that they become boring because of it.

This kid's got great touch and instincts.

Tangentially, one thing to note while you're watching the video, from a commenter:

"Guys, if you watch the person at 1:48, they put a bill in then put change on top of it to prevent it blowing away. Look at their hand when they pull it out. It's empty."


  1. This guy should form a band with tay9andahalf

  2. I've watched this several times now and he's amazing. Not to mention the last 30 seconds being incredible after about 7 minutes of straight playing he kicks it up another notch. Wow.

  3. That's just brilliant! This kid really has some talent. Of course, when I hit things, they tend to pretty well crumble...