Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just In A Mood: Pancakes vs. Waffles


Not that they're so much better, it's just that waffles are poorly designed.

Too thick. Too hard to cut. Too hard to spread toppings over them in a smooth, even layer.

Plus you have to have a special tool to make them. I could make pancakes on my steam iron. I could make pancakes using molded aluminum foil set on top of a toaster. Heck, I could make pancakes on an overclocked CPU (albeit TINY pancakes).

You waffle-lovers got anything to say for yourselves?


  1. It's on, dude.

    Waffles are golden, crispy little squares of wonderfulness (when done well). Pancakes are flaccid and pasty in comparison; you take about two bites and then say to yourself, "damn! I should have got the english muffin instead!"

    Additionally, I think the very fact that waffles are so difficult to do properly makes them more special. It's like how quail are pretty cool, maybe even cooler than heron, but nobody really cares about quail because you see them all the time, but when you can spot a heron, that's a special experience.

    And also, the idea that waffles are worse because you need special equipment is very neo-luddist and not in a good way! It's also simply fallacious: a non-connection.

    Waffles rule, old man! Take your pancakes and get back to the nursing home, grandpa!

  2. We waffle people can't make up our minds. Hence the term.

  3. Hey, all you waffle people:

    Which is worse: being seen at a Waffle House, or at an IHOP?

    Case closed.

  4. @Basil: It really depends on the location you go to. I've seen waffle houses which are much nicer than the IHOP in down, and with nicer staff, too.

    Waffles have syrup traps. A pancake is just a flaccid syrup sponge.

    When you have large waffles, you add larger toppings, like fruit and such.

    When you have larger pancakes, you add more syrup.

    By the time I finish pancakes, I become sick of them. And the last bite is always a soggy mess. I've never had this problem with waffles.

  5. I would go to a Waffle House before I'd set foot in an IHOP, but that's not really a waffle vs pancake thing, that's just a service thing.

    Three quarters of the times I've been to IHOPs in my life the service has been absolutely abysmal, and that's not just one location.

    While at Waffle Houses the staff is friendly and attentive, and usually at least a little crazy

  6. Waffles and fried chicken -- now, there's a treat with some legs.

    On the other hand, you can put fruit in pancakes. And pancakes soak up the butter better. And a pancake pan is much easier to clean than a waffle iron.

    Pancakes win.

  7. If you're talking waffles like we have in the states then it's pancakes, but if it's a waffle in Brussels then it's not pancakes. But the waffles there aren't for breakfast either, so if you're discussing breakfast foods, then it's pancakes.

    If it's an open breakfast food competition, then it's migas.

  8. Moogie,

    Yeah, a pancake pan is easier to clean than a waffle iron. But my bike is easier to take care of than my car, that doesn't mean it's more fun to ride.

  9. If you're talking pancakes as in flapjacks then it's waffles bar none.

    But if you're talking pancakes as in, throw some butter and brown sugar and apples in your cast iron pan, let it fry on the stove a little bit, then pour the batter in and move it to the oven... well then, pancakes stand a fighting chance.

  10. It's like how quail are pretty cool, maybe even cooler than heron,...

    But if you see a quail on heroin, take some video because that is the coolest.

  11. Two words: Eggo Waffles

    (Oh... or homemade crepes with peaches and whipped cream, or peanut butter and maple syrup... or peanut butter with dark chocolate.)

  12. Surface area counts. Waffles have more room for crispy bites, if it's done right.

    Any waffle that's hard to cut is a pre-made frozen abomination. *stare*

    Pancakes are heavy with batter and baking soda, waffles are light and eggy tasting.

    In Britain, a wrapped-up waffle cone saved my culinary life once. Warm, vanilla-infused and fresh, it was the only thing that even looked like it was edible after two days of travel and unintended fasting. I even eschewed the Nutella at that point. It was heavenly all by itself.

  13. Waffles. They don't absorb so much dang syrup. Pancakes are too spongy and when you pour syrup on them, it disappears. I'm not a syrup kind 'o person, I like waffles ... they are crispy golden goodness.

    But doughnuts are better.

  14. I have four (count them, four) antique waffle irons. None of them made after 1950. All of them capable of churning out crispy golden circles (or squares in one case) of wonderfulness. Pancakes, otoh, as was mentioned above, are just the lazy man's spongy waffle.

  15. It'd be easy to play devil's advocate and argue waffles but then I remembered this little diner, Pete's #6, near here. Huge, 9" pancakes...regular, blueberry or sweet potato. You can get two for $5 with two eggs and three strips of bacon.
    OK, we're not arguing the merits of bacon here, but I thought the package deal deseved consideration!