Monday, July 25, 2011

Never Trust a Headline


Marine's parents sued over sign of support in their Bossier City front yard

Muckraking "journalists" and their sensationalistic headlines.

This has nothing to do with a beloved son and Marine. This has everything to do with freedom of contract, and the Burr's rather childish attempt to get away with violating the terms of their housing agreement.

On a whim.

Because those rules have suddenly become inconvenient.

Even though they knew the rules when they moved in 5 short years ago.

Well, at least their son has a sense of honor.

Shame about the parents, though, who should either keep their written promise and find a less violative way to show support for their son, or move somewhere without restrictive covenants.


  1. Perfect example of why we should always investigate and get our facts straight before unconditionally believing a headline.

  2. I'll go along with that as long as the POA also makes the neighbors take down those obscene LSU booster signs, too. I mean, there are children around there!

  3. Harvey, this story is taking place in my hometown...about three miles south of where I live.

    It's been all over the news off and on for a good while now...and discussed in the local blogs.

    Initially, I sided with the Burr family. Then it started to dawn on me that the whole controversy is more about the parents bragging on themselves for raising a Marine than it is about them showing their support for him.

    I've got a son deploying to Iraq in about a week, and another that could be activated at any time. They KNOW how proud I am of them, and that they've got our full support, love, and that we've got their back always.

    To put a banner up in the front yard would do nothing except show our neighbors that we want THEM to know.

    It's interesting that an awful lot of military families live in that neighborhood, as it is very close to Barksdale Air Force Base. From what I've heard, most of them want the banner down, too.

    Moogie just can not let an opportunity pass by to knock the Tigers. Bless her heart...