Saturday, July 2, 2011

Or Maybe iPhones Are Just Shoddy, Poorly-Engineered Products

Sad story from FML:
Today, I bought an otter box. While setting up my iPhone, I dropped it and it is now shattered.
Accidents will happen, and normally I'm sympathetic, but then I thought about my laptop.

I've never dropped it. Mostly because ANY time I pick it up I am immediately conscious that I paid several hundred dollars for the thing, and if I drop it, it will break beyond repair. The word "deathgrip" would not be inappropriate here.

But hunter168647 plopped down several hundred dollars FOR A SMOOTH, SLIPPERY PIECE OF GLASS, and neglected to bring his full attention and most acute awareness into the occasion of its most recent handling.

Don't be careless with expensive, fragile items. Hope he learned his lesson.


  1. Harvey, ain't it the truth! And, it frustrates me to no end!!!!!

    My niece does tech support for Sprint, and she tells me about the dozens of calls she gets daily from people that dropped their Evo in the lake, or the toilet...or lost it at the mall, and need to cancel service.

    I work in Security at a large hospital, and it is astounding how often we'll get inquiries..."Has anyone turned in an iPad? Has anyone turned in an iPhone? Has anyone turned in a set of keys to a Mercedes?" Or, "Security the patient in room 2015 says her $15,000 engagement ring is missing..." etc. etc. etc...

    Seriously, the carelessness that people exhibit with expensive possessions just stuns me.

    They gots lots mo' money than me.


  2. True story: Beloved Wife misplaces crap all the time - purse, glasses, phone, car keys.

    Never ONCE has she ever said "Harv, have you seen my wedding ring?", even though she takes it off regularly to play vigorous sports like raquetball and roller derby.

  3. Roller Derby?



  4. Yes, roller derby.

    And yes, it's every bit as awesome being married to a roller girl as you are currently imagining it is.

  5. There is a difference between expensive and valuable. It is called "perspective". Hmm... that would make for an interesting blogpost.

  6. Harvey, I figgered as much!

  7. Speaking of expensive things turning out badly:

    1) Dropping you phone in a toilet
    2) College
    3) Paying for your kid's tuition

    Truly a trifecta of poor decisions here.