Saturday, July 16, 2011

She's Like Janis Joplin, Minus the Jack Daniels & Marlboros

Get this girl to America's Got Talent:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #902,323)

Via American Digest.


  1. I've seen Janis Joplin documentaire on
    You saw?Great artist!

  2. Wow. Stealing this for Facebook. I know you're thrilled to hear that!

  3. Heh. Actually yes.

    I don't hate that other people use Facebook, it just saddens me existentially that this primitive, dysfunctional software is so popular.

    Something about Dr. Seuss and Sneetches...

  4. Sorry bro, my ears started bleeding at 18 seconds..she needs to start smoking and drinking jack.

  5. Not saying she's to everyone's taste, just saying she can hit the notes she means to and has a sense of showmanship. She could go places with combination.

  6. I was thinking of offering her a lollipop. I wonder if she has low morals. I used to kind of like that in a young woman.