Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Shut Up and Cook, Idiot

This amuses me so:
Right now, the people most bent on reeling in snakeheads are chefs, who think serving invasive species could represent an important new twist on the sustainable seafood movement. Some of the biggest names in regional restaurants - "Top Chef" rivals Bryan Voltaggio and Mike Isabella, Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen, Scott Drewno of Washington's The Source by Wolfgang Puck - are trying to get their hands on the fish so they can slice, dice and pan sear the thing into oblivion.

"We've been doing the complete opposite and focusing on conserving species," said Voltaggio, owner of Volt restaurant in Frederick. "Here's a fish you can feel good about depleting."

Basically he's saying he thinks the best way to drive a species to extinction is for humans to enjoy eating it.

Yes, because that strategy worked so well at eradicating the vast, invasive herds of cows that once covered the farms and meadows of this great nation.

But seriously, being tasty is how snakeheads became an invasive species in the first place:
The snakeheads are thought to have entered the Maryland ecosystem more than two years ago. A local man ordered a pair of live snakeheads from a market in New York's Chinatown so that he could prepare a traditional soup remedy for his ill sister

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