Friday, July 1, 2011

Sorry, Danny, Got No Sympathy For You

This one just amazes me.

California demanded that start collecting sales tax for them.

Amazon said "no, thank you", didn't collect the sales tax, and stopped their affiliate program in California to boot.

Danny is mad at Amazon for not bowing before the state.

Tough tomatoes, Danny. This is how free men live.

Don't like it? Start your own online sales company, sell products in California, and pay the sales tax.

This is also how free men live.


  1. Blogger needs a "like" button.

  2. I guess Danny Boy didn't learn, did he? Illinois did the same thing (with another company) and they pulled roots and left, too.

    CA which *hoped* to have a 200M income from the added tax now has a loss of what? 124M? (What was Amazon's 2010 taxes?)

    Anyway- Big companies will go where it's cheaper to operate. It's not rocket science.

  3. Andy - Blogger has 4 "like" buttons, and you already pressed them.

    Ok, 5, if you count the quotation marks.

  4. A-freakin'-men to that!

    Maryland tried ratcheting up Wal-Mart's taxes a few years, did they think Wal-Mart would have trouble moving 50 miles in ANY direction to reduce their tax burden?