Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Lukie has her preferences, I have mine.

Coffee is, of course, a matter of personal taste, but my happiness lies in the following:

Dunkin Donuts brand ground coffee (it comes in 12 oz bags now, probably at your grocery store).

A Melitta MEX1B espresso machine (35 bucks at my local Shopko a few years back - nice machine, but it clogs with hard water scale pretty quick. Need to run vinegar through it at least once a month or it stops working).

Heavy cream.

A little bit of Bellagio Cherry Flavored Sipping Chocolate Dessert Beverage

Takes the edge off my cranky mornings.


  1. More like Drunkin' Donuts!

  2. I have the basic Mr. Coffee espresso machine, and have been pretty happy with it. Does this one force steam through, or actually heat the water to just before it steams?

  3. I didn't actually read the manual, but based on its construction, I'm guessing it's feeding pressurized hot water through at something over 212 degrees - so kinda both.